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Feeling heads




SuperCut 300 saw unit - 3/4-inch pitch 11H saw chain.

Patented automatic chain tensioning.

33.5-inch (850 mm) cut capacity.

High grapple arm gripping force.

Continuous rotation - high-capacity IR22 rotator.

Saw bar limiter feature.

Fast replacement of saw bar or chain.

Cushioned cylinders.

Hydraulic snubber for controlled side-to-side motion.

Unique upper link system for simple installation on log loaders, excavators, and feller bunchers.

Feeling heads Value
Weight 3,410 lb. (1550 kg)
Nominal cut capacity 33.5 inches (850 mm)
Maximum gripping width 43.3 inches (1100 mm)
Height (A) 80.8 inches (2053 mm)
Dimension (B) 47.9 inches (1216 mm)
Dimension (C) 28.1 inches (715 mm)
Width (D) 71.7 inches (1822 mm)
IR22 Rotator
Max Load Capacity 101,165 lbf. (450 kN)
Torque at 2900 psi (20 Mppa) 2,435 ft. lb (3300 Nm)
Saw hydraulic requirements:
Flow (minimum) 53 gpm (200 l/min)
Flow (maximum) 58 gpm (220 l/min)
Pressure (minimum) 2,900 psi (20 MPa)
Pressure (maximum) 3,600 psi (25 MPa)